All-New Unscripted Series "The Secret Life of Kids" Premieres

The Secret Life of Kids
Photo: Joseph Viles/NBC

"The Secret Life of Kids"
Premieres Friday, March 16 at 9 PM ET/PT on USA Network

       THE SECRET LIFE OF KIDS is a comedic social experiment where we watch as kids approach topics such as love, hate, relationships and lying, all caught on hidden cameras. Behind the scenes experts provide revealing commentary on the hilarious ways kids navigate everything from the classroom to the playground and all the relationships in between. The six-episode series will run through March 30 with two episodes airing each week at 9 PM ET/PT.


        In the March 16, 9 PM episode, it's the first day of school for these five year olds, and love is in the air for Halen and Harlo, while Gia P emerges as queen bee among her girl peers. Then in the 9:30 PM episode, role playing romance becomes a contagious game, while Jimmy and Eiryn handle being rejected in very different ways.