Bestselling Author James Patterson Writes the Book on Intrigue and Deceit in New Series "Murder is Forever"

Murder is Forever
Courtesy of Investigation Discovery

"Murder is Forever"
Six-Part Series to Debut on Monday, January 22 at 10 PM ET/PT
on Investigation Discovery
          Sinister thoughts, deepening resentment and manipulative mind games are temporary, but murder is forever. Investigation Discovery’s new series MURDER IS FOREVER is an all-new drama created in partnership with bestselling author James Patterson and the Emmy-winning producers at Stephen David Entertainment. This Patterson’s first foray into true-crime television, based upon the authentic stories featured in his upcoming paperback books.
          James Patterson said, “My goal for both the books and television show was to create a groundbreaking series that shatters the true crime mold and attracts the widest possible audience. These stories won’t disappoint readers or viewers – and they’ll be shocked that they actually happened.”
          Each hour-long episode of MURDER IS FOREVER presents a unique murder mystery that keeps viewers guessing until the very end – but perhaps the most shocking thing of all, is that these stunning crimes are 100% real. Each self-contained story will live both on-screen and within the pages of Patterson’s true crime paperback titles, which correspond to each episode, will be published beginning January 2, 2018 and available everywhere books are sold.
Murder is Forever

Courtesy of Investigation Discovery
          The premiere episode features the story of Frank and Nancy Howard, a devoted, church-going couple who were pillars of their Carrollton, Texas community. But in the summer of 2009, a hit man showed up at their door, forever changing their lives. As investigators track down leads, an intricate murder plot is revealed – stretching back more than two years, involving more than a dozen people and over $3 million.
          Additional episodes of MURDER AS FOREVER are as follows:
Mother of All Murders Premieres Monday, January 29 at 10/9c
Young Gypsy Blanchard was chronically sick, but she remained remarkably positive thanks to the doting care of her mother, DeeDee. Together, they captured the hearts and prayers of everyone they met – and when one of them is found dead, a community is left in shock as police struggle to find answers.
Home Sweet Murder Premieres Monday, February 5 at 10/9c
Leo Fisher and Sue Duncan were a happily married couple living in McLean, Virgina. But one quiet November evening, while they’re preparing dinner, the doorbell rings—and their world changes forever. Held hostage and mercilessly interrogated, it becomes clear that the invader is working with an accomplice – and they’re not leaving until they get what they want.
Murder on the Run Premieres Monday, February 12 at 10/9c
Detective Derek Mois, a veteran with Omaha Police Department, responds to a horrific double homicide involving an 11-year-old boy and the family’s housekeeper. With the community on edge and police racing against the clock to make a capture, another murder takes place on the other side of town. Are the two crimes connected? And can police make an arrest before the killer strikes again?
Murder Beyond the Grave – Premieres Monday, February 19 at 10/9c
The small town of Kankakee, Illinois is about an hour’s drive south of Chicago, and is well-known as a quiet summer retreat. But nearly 30 years ago, this idyllic community was rocked by a kidnapping and ransom scheme that targeted one of its most beloved citizens – shocking the town, and the nation.   
Murder in ParadisePremieres Monday, February 26 at 10/9c
Bonnie and Jim Hood, a wealthy couple from Newport Beach, California, thought they had found the perfect passion project when they purchased a resort lodge in the Sierra Nevada mountains. But while renovating the lodge, Bonnie upsets area locals who want the property to remain unchanged. As tensions escalate, violence erupts – leading to two homicides. But is it as simple as it seems? Or will authorities be pushed to their limits to solve this case?