Blake Lively and Amanda Seyfried Make Guest Appearances in "When You Wish Upon A Pickle: A Sesame Street Special"

When You Wish Upon A Pickle

Amanda Seyfried / Photo: Richard Termine/HBO

"When You Wish Upon A Pickle: A Sesame Street Special"
Saturday, November 10 at 7 PM ET/PT on HBO

            For almost five decades, SESAME STREET has been helping kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder. This November, the groundbreaking show kicks off its 49th season with a special evening presentation of WHEN YOU WISH UPON A PICKLE: A SESAME STREET SPECIAL, followed by new weekly episodes.

         WHEN YOU WISH UPON A PICKLE: A SESAME STREET SPECIAL puts a madcap spin on pretend-playing different careers. After a mysterious Wish Pickle is delivered to Sesame Street, Elmo, Abby and Bert see their wishes coming true. All three wish to have jobs, and once the Wish Pickle springs into action, Elmo finds himself switching bodies with Chris so that he can be grown up and run Hooper’s store. Abby gets to solve mysteries with her favorite literary detective. And Bert winds up on TV to achieve his impossible dream of being a TV weathercaster. In the end, Elmo, Abby and Bert learn that if they believe in themselves – and practice, and play it, and dream it – they can be anything they want to be, without needing magic.

When You Wish Upon a Pickle

Photo: Zack Hyman/HBO

            Season 49 of SESAME STREET features Abby’s Amazing Adventures, a recurring animated segment starring Abby Cadabby. In each episode, Abby and her stepbrother, Rudy, travel beyond Sesame Street to solve problems in fantastical new places with the help of a magical basket. Together, they complete missions like traveling deep under the sea to photograph a rare fish, visiting an active volcano as scientists to find lava rocks and even blasting into space as astronauts to fix a space station. Led by SESAME STREET curious and determined fairy-in-training, Abby’s Amazing Adventures serves as a valuable example of young girls thinking big and imagining exciting futures for themselves.

            As always, this season of SESAME STREET features a lineup of top celebrity guests. Individual episodes throughout the season celebrate the careers theme, as the gang learns about scientific inquiry with Bill Nye, explores the library with Zoë Kravitz, plays the drums with Questlove, and more.

            November’s weekly episodes:

            When You’re a Vet
            Saturday, 11/17 (9:00-9:30 AM)
            Abby and Elmo play veterinarians. By using their eyes, ears and hands, they figure out what’s wrong with their pretend patients and help them feel better.
            Guest: Tiffany Haddish.
            Picture This
           Saturday, 11/24 (9:00-9:30 AM)
            Alan gives Elmo, Rosita and Abby his old cameras to play with and suggests they can be photographers for the day. Abby, Rosita and Elmo go around Sesame Street learning how to use their cameras and taking pictures of things like sports and fashion.