Explorers Uncover Ancient City Hidden in the Amazon Jungle in New Travel Channel Special "Lost Amazon: Project Z"

Lost Amazon: Project Z
Courtesy of Travel Channel

"Lost Amazon: Project Z"
Premieres Tuesday, October 16 at 10 PM ET/PT on Travel Channel

          On a lifelong quest to find a legendary empire of mythical giants, Amazon expedition leader James Lynch and navigator René Delmotte return to the jungles of Peru in the Travel Channel premiere of Lost Amazon: Project Z. In the hour-long special, the renowned adventure-seekers, joined by field scientist Marsh Mokhtari, journey deep into the mountains and uncover a remarkable lost civilization buried under a canopy of tropical forest. With the use of the latest drone-mounted LiDAR technology (laser light beams that penetrate layers of the forest canopy to generate a 3-D map of the surface), the team has mapped out an enormous city that is much larger than even the locals realized because most of it is hidden by the jungle.
Project Z

Courtesy of Travel Channel

         The expedition also discovered architecture that is unusual for the native Chachapoyas, including a square building with a raised platform that Lynch theorizes may have been a temple. This massive, hidden lost world, with two separate sites that span more than 30 acres, may lead to evidence that will rewrite history.
          In 1996, René Delmotte and James Lynch organized the AUTAN Expedition to retrace Percy Harrison Fawcett’s footsteps on his last expedition to the unknown in 1925, in the unexplored region of the Brazilian Mato Grosso. During the expedition, a group of indigenous people, including among them the Kalapalos who claim to have been the last to see Percy Harrison Fawcett, held the expedition's team hostage requesting ransom to set them free.