Family, Friendships and Relationships are Valued in Hallmark Channel's Original Movie “The Christmas Cottage”

The Christmas Cottage
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"The Christmas Cottage"
Premieres Saturday, December 9 at 8 PM ET/PT
on Hallmark Channel
         Taking a rare break from her career designing modern buildings, Lacey (Merritt Patterson) travels to her friend Ava’s (Brittney Wilson) Christmas Eve wedding. Though her business partner and boyfriend Roger (Victor Zinck) is concerned about her taking time off right before an important sales pitch, Lacey promises to work in between her maid of honor duties. When Lacey arrives to the cottage where her family and Ava’s spent many happy childhood holidays, she is greeted by Ava, Ava’s brother Ean (Steve Lund) and Ava’s fiancé Mason (Carey Feehan). There is some awkward tension between Ean and Lacey, who once dated before drifting apart to pursue their passions – Lacey’s in design and Ean’s in travel and culinary arts.
         As maid of honor and best man, Lacey and Ean are tasked with decorating the cottage where Ava and Mason will spend their honeymoon, a cottage said to bring true love to anyone who stays there. Ean tempers Lacey’s sleek design tendencies with a heavy dose of traditional Christmas style, adding a real Christmas tree and family ornaments to make a truly festive setting. After decorating, Lacey and Ean are snowed into the cottage, sending Lacey into a panic without her work laptop. Ean helps her find the bright side of the situation, and the two spend the evening reminiscing about their past relationship in the cozy cottage.

         As they spend more time together at wedding and holiday events, Lacey and Ean’s chemistry returns. When Ean tells Lacey that he’s considering trading in his vagabond life, Lacey sketches a restaurant concept that would help him follow his dreams while rooted in one place.

          Roger surprises Lacey by arriving to town early, sending her back into workaholic mode. Her time with Ean has left a lasting impression, though, and she tries to infuse cozy elements into the project’s minimalist designs. She even takes a break from work to join Ava, Ean and the rest of the bridal party at the tree lighting in town.
          Ean confesses his romantic feelings to Lacey, but she is unwilling to acknowledge her own. Rejected, Ean books a flight for the morning after the wedding to Finland, where he has accepted a job. Roger has changed his and Lacey’s flight to the night of the wedding as well. During the wedding, Lacey finally sees the sharp contrast between Ean’s priorities of family and friendship, and Roger’s sole focus on work. With Ean’s departure imminent, Lacey must decide if the professional goals she shares with Roger or the connection and history she shares with Ean are more important in a lasting relationship.