Hallmark Channel Premieres the Original Movie "Summer in the City"

Summer In the City

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“Summer In the City”
Premieres Saturday, August 13 at 9 PM ET/PT on Hallmark Channel
          Taylor McCall (Julianna Guill) is a young retail clothing store manager who dreams of leaving her small Ohio town to work in the New York fashion industry. One summer day, Alyssa Shaw (Vivica A. Fox), tyrannical owner of A-Line, a trendy Manhattan boutique, walks into Taylor’s shop and — impressed by her direct approach — hires her to manage her New York store.
          When Taylor arrives in Manhattan, her glamorous expectations clash with the city’s harsh realities as she’s forced to share a cramped apartment with a vapid co-worker and discovers that A-Line is faltering financially and is in a state of complete disarray. As tensions rise, Taylor meets Philip (Marc Bendavid), a handsome realtor, who helps her search for a desirable apartment and takes her sightseeing. When Alyssa pressures her to increase revenue, Taylor uses her honest small-town sales approach and begins to turn a profit.

          Before long, Taylor starts to fall in love with Manhattan and becomes attracted to Philip, though she has trouble pursuing romance due to her demanding career schedule and history of being hurt by love. When A-List’s investors threaten to pull out unless a higher profit is reached by summer’s end, Taylor uncovers Alyssa’s personal clothing designs and, encouraged by Philip, uses them to launch a pre-fall fashion line. Convinced that her designs won’t sell, Alyssa angrily chastises Taylor.
          Feeling humiliated — and frustrated with Philip for giving her “bad advice” — Taylor returns to Ohio. But when she learns that her idea yielded success and that Alyssa now wants to make her a partner, Taylor returns to New York, only to find Alyssa contemplating a deal that would allow the investors to replace A-Line’s unique fashion designs with a mass marketed clothing line. Now the young fashionista must figure out how to save the boutique, while maintaining its originality. Along the way, she just might finally let love into her heart. The film also stars Marla Sokoloff and Natasha Henstridge.