Hallmark Channel's Winterfest Continues with the Original Movie "One Winter Proposal"

One Winter Proposal
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"One Winter Proposal"
Saturday, January 12 at 8 PM ET/PT on Hallmark Channel

          Alot has happened since Cara (Taylor Cole) met Ben (Jack Turner) at a ski lodge one year ago. Cara wrote a novel, which is going to be published, Ben is one investor away from launching his own snowboard company, and their relationship has grown into a long-lasting love. 

          While they’re toasting their romance, Megan (Rukiya Bernard) and Sean (Dewshane Williams) are running into one another after a long break. It’s just too bad they are both too wrapped up in their busy schedules to give their relationship a chance to gather traction. 
One Winter Proposal

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          Playing matchmaker, Cara and Ben ask Megan to join them at the same chalet as last year, neglecting to mention that Sean has become the resort’s new doctor.  Upon her arrival, Megan is sent to the infirmary where they know she’ll run into Sean.

            Starting their own fire, Ben asks Cara to grab the lighter from his pocket.  When she does, Cara finds a receipt from a jewelry store and immediately jumps to coclusions.


          While Ben does surprise Cara with a wine charm and a new snowboarding helmet, neither surprise is the engagement ring she is hoping for. Taking her disappointment out for a snowboard run on the slopes, Cara meets an older woman struggling with her bindings, and causes Cara to pause and observe that perhaps it could be she who is giving Ben conflicting signals about her desire to marry, and if a proposal is going to happen, it can only be received with an open heart.
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