HISTORY's Two-Hour Special "Rise of the Superbombs" goes Inside the New World of Futuristic Warfare

Rise of the Superbombs
Courtesy of History

"Rise of the Superbombs"
Premieres Wednesday, June 6 at 8 PM ET/PT on HISTORY®

          This two-hour special takes viewers inside the new world of futuristic conventional warfare. It's an explosive, escalating journey through the modern development of the U.S. and worldwide arsenals, highlighting the critical technological turning points of the post-WWII age, the most fearsome weapons in circulation now, and the mind-blowing armaments in development that will soon eclipse anything seen thus far.
          From hypersonic missiles and laser weapons to space-based kill vehicles and swarm drones, Rise of the Superbombs is packed with stunning CGI, newly declassified footage, insider insights from senior officers and engineers, and a series of immersive field tests dissecting the science behind how these mega-weapons work.