Lifetime Original Movie "Ten: Murder Island" begins with a Teenage House Party with No Parents

Ten: Murder Island
Photo by Jessie Korman
“Ten: Murder Island”
Premieres Saturday, September 16 at 8 PM ET/PT on Lifetime
          Based on the teen horror novel by Gretchen McNeil, “Ten: Murder Island” is the story of a weekend retreat gone wrong. When an exclusive invitation arrives for a house party on an island for ten teenagers with no parents, Meg (China Anne McClain, Descendants 2) ignores her doubts and decides to go with her best friend Minnie (Cassidy Gifford, God's Not Dead).

         But when a storm leaves them stuck on the remote island, Meg finds herself navigating frenemies, former crushes, and fools while coming face-to-face with her past and her future. But when each of the teens starts to die off, one by one, Meg must solve the connection between herself and the nine other guests, none of which may be as innocent as they seem.


          Rome Flynn also stars in the film, along with Annie Q, Zak Steiner, Dylan Arnold, Matt Mercurio, Katya Martin, Raquel Castro, and Meghan Cashel.