Lizzie is Poised to Restart Her Life when Hallmark Channel Premieres its Original Movie “Coming Home for Christmas”

Coming Home for Christmas

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“Coming Home for Christmas”

Premieres Saturday, November 18 at 8 PM ET/PT on Hallmark Channel
           Out of work when her insurance company folds and still recovering from a breakup with her boyfriend, Lizzie Richfield (Danica McKellar) is poised to restart her life. Through real estate agent Megan Richfield (Lindsay Maxwell), who also happens to be her sister, Lizzie learns of an opportunity to manage Ashford Estate, home of the Marley family and 12,000 square feet of opulence in the Virginia countryside.
          Lizzie figures it’s a paycheck, but there’s a catch. Robert Marley (Neal Bledsoe), oldest of three Marley siblings and executor of the estate, has commissioned Megan to sell Ashford Estate. Despite the frosty reception from all-business Robert and his 80-year-old grandmother, family matriarch Pippa Marley (Paula Shaw), Lizzie gets the job but finds managing the mansion is child’s play next to dealing with the feuding Marleys. Melancholy Pippa is against selling Ashford. Then there’s Kip Marley (Andrew Francis) – Robert’s eccentric, jet-setting younger brother. Robert and Kip are lookers but opposites in lifestyle.

           Before Ashford Estate is sold, one last Christmas Eve gala is planned and Lizzie’s in charge. Christmas is her favorite time – she recalls the warmth of the holidays in the Richfield home and wants the same for Ashford Estate. The more Lizzie puts her heart into the magical makeover of Ashford Estate, the more the crusty Marleys find themselves warming to her. Lizzie, meanwhile, has caught the eye of both brothers. But even as Kip pursues her, Lizzie finds herself also drawn to Robert.
          Ashford Estate is a festive scene as guests arrive for the gala, staff passes champagne and appetizers and a quartet plays Christmas music. Everything feels right. Could it be so right that Robert has a change of heart and Pippa’s beloved Ashford Estate stays in the family? And what fate awaits Lizzie, once adrift and now the object of two brothers vying for her heart?