Science Channel Steps into the Ring with Epic Robot Fighting Series "BattleBots"


 Courtesy of Science Channel

Premieres on July 12 at 10 PM ET/PT on Science Channel
          Let the robot shrapnel fly. Science Channel has licensed the off-network cable rights to air 16 episodes of ABC’s epic robot-fighting series “BattleBots.” The series features the biggest, baddest, strongest, and fastest next-generation robots as they duke it out to become champions of an intense, fast-paced single elimination tournament.  
          Each robot rumble match consists of two robots competing in a single three-minute bout in which the goal is to destroy or disable their opponent. If there is no knockout during the three-minute battle, the panel of judges will declare a victor to move on in the tournament. 

          Each episode of “BattleBots” highlights the design and build of each robot, bot builderbackstories, and their pursuit of the BattleBot championship. With only one weight class, homemade robots of many varieties with a huge variety of deadly weapons go head-to-head, all captured by state-of-the-art onboard technology and cameras to enhance viewing and provide combat analytics.

Courtesy of Science Channel
           “BattleBots” is hosted by ESPN’S Samantha Ponder. She is joined for the play-by-play by Chris Rose of MLB Network and NFL Network, color-commentary is provided by ex-MMA fighter Kenny Florian, Alison Haislip (G4’s Attack of the Show) is the sideline reporter and Faruq Tauheed is ring announcer.  Judging the battles are formerBattleBots competitor and special effects artist Fon Davis, the face of “Nerdist” JessicaChobot and a special guest judge for each round of the competition.