Amy Sedaris Gets Comically Crafty On truTV

Amy Sedaris says her hardest work went into crafting the perfect blend of public-TV banality and late-night cable laughs. “What’s the painter’s name — Bob Ross!” she exclaims. “We watched an episode and just felt drugged afterwards. We felt like, ‘This is the feeling I want when people watch the show!’ But when you’re going for laughs, it’s hard to merge those two things together. So that was our biggest challenge for this: How do you transfer that feeling from watching Bob Ross to laughing to really learning something? It’ll be interesting to see if we pulled it off.”

Melissa Joan Hart Puts A Modern Spin On The Vintage Disney Thriller "Watcher in the Woods"

“This was a movie that my mom knew was near and dear to my heart, so she tried to get the rights,” Melissa Joan Hart recalls. “It took a very long time, and by the time we got them I was too old to play the part of Jan and too young to play the part of Mrs. Aylwood. So, I wanted to direct it.”

Nat Geo Expands Morgan Freeman’s “Story” Franchise From God To Man

Morgan Freeman calls the chance to explore the better part of human nature "life-assuring and self-assuring. Life is just a series of plateaus."