Showtime’s Hollywood Satire "Episodes" Turns Its Final Page

Creators, writers and executive producers David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik felt the time was right to end their hit series Episodes.

The Youngest Wayans Brother Is A Family Man With A Plan In NBC’s New Laugher

Marlon Wayans, part of the entertainment dynasty responsible for the Scary Movie film franchise and such ribald TV hits as The Wayans Bros. and In Living Color, is the first to admit that, at 45, he still enjoys creating and consuming in-your-face, “14-year-old-boy” humor.

The Donovans Are On Top Of The World. Will They Stay There?

“When we start in Season 5, we have Ray and Abby on top of the world. They just beat the odds with the mafia, with cancer, and they’re feeling pretty good — and then that sense of security gets jerked out from under them,” Paula Malcomson teases. “We sort of promised Bonnie and Clyde when we left Season 4 — or maybe Macbeth. So are we going to subvert the audience’s expectations?”