Maya Rudolph Says Doing "A Christmas Story Live!" Is Like Learning a New Language

Although her time on Saturday Night Live allowed her to sing and dance on live TV, A Christmas Story Live! is unlike anything Maya Rudolph has ever done. “It’s like learning a new language,” she shares.

Gwen Stefani On Her First Holiday Special

“To be able to do my own NBC Christmas show was way outta my league,” shares Gwen Stefani on her upcoming holiday special. “But somehow with everybody’s help and little baby steps, we did it, and it was so fun. I literally enjoyed every second of it.”

Christopher Meloni In The Wild New Syfy Series "Happy!"

In one of TV’s most graphically bizarre, dark yet hilarious series (that’s definitely not for children), a blue horse named Happy clippity clops in and out of the life of a hardened ex-cop, played by Christopher Meloni. Here Meloni helps explain it all.