Julianna Margulies Goes Viral In Nat Geo's "The Hot Zone"

“I looked at her character as a hero, because she really emphasized what a threat this was and got the ball rolling to stop it from spreading. But to her, it was just another day at the office.” — Julianna Margulies of her character, Dr. Nancy Jaax, in Nat Geo's The Hot Zone

"Blood & Treasure" Executive Producers Discuss CBS' New Globe-Trotting Adventure Series

The executive producers of Blood & Treasure promise the new CBS show is “... a big, fun, explosive action-adventure — everything you want from a treasure hunter show."

The Cast of "The Big Bang Theory" Bid Farewell To Television's No. 1 Comedy

After 12 seasons of friendship, romance and making science funny, the cast of The Big Bang Theory says good bye.