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    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    CW, 8:00PM ET >> Description

    Though Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) has tried to help in the campaign against Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III), Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) needs more, so she seeks Nathaniel's (Scott Michael Foster) assistance in the ironically titled new episode "To Josh, With Love." Meanwhile, Josh focuses on becoming a priest, and not without having second thoughts. Pete Gardner, David Hull, Vella Lovell and Gabrielle Ruiz also star.
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    Jane the Virgin

    CW, 9:00PM ET >> Description

    Jane's (Gina Rodriguez) blossoming romance with Adam (guest star Tyler Posey) hits a major snag in the new "Chapter Sixty-Six," as he gets a job offer that could take him away. Rogelio (Jaime Camil) has problems not only on the work front, but also personally as Xo (Andrea Navedo) tries to help cover for his parental absences. Petra and Rafael (Yael Grobglas, Justin Baldoni) try to reclaim the hotel. Justina Machado guest stars. Ivonne Coll also stars.
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    Hawaii Five-0

    CBS, 9:00PM ET >> Description

    The hacking rage strikes Five-0 as the police department's system is invaded electronically, revealing the identities of informants whose lives are put at risk, in the new episode "E Uhi Wale No 'A'Ole E Nalo, He Imu Puhi" (Hawaiian for "No Matter How Much One Covers a Steaming Imu, The Smoke Will Rise"' ... and yes, that's a mouthful). McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) turns to a nemesis, hacker Aaron Wright (returning guest star Joey Lawrence), for help. Scott Caan also stars.
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    Marvel's Inhumans

    ABC, 9:01PM ET >> Description

    Though collaborating with Louise (Ellen Woglom) isn't their first choice, Black Bolt and Medusa (Anson Mount, Serinda Swan) don't have many other options in finding the other Royals as Auran's (Sonya Balmores) troops bear down in the new episode "Something Inhuman This Way Comes." Maximus (Iwan Rheon) advances in making his influence known on Attilan. Henry Ian Cusick continues his guest role. Isabelle Cornish and Ken Leung also star.
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    The Exorcist

    FOX, 9:01PM ET >> Description

    Andy (John Cho) is surprised by a newcomer to the foster home in the new episode "One for Sorrow." A wildlife biologist helps Marcus (Ben Daniels) investigate strange occurrences related to nature, as Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) continues to investigate the visions that drew him to Seattle. Bennett and Mouse (Kurt Egyiawan, Zuleikha Robinson) encounter serious problems in their new partnership. Camille Guaty guest stars. Li Jun Li also stars.
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    Mike Judge Presents: Tales From the Tour Bus

    MAX, 10:00PM ET >> Description

    This week's new episode is devoted to the music and extracurricular shenanigans of Billy Joe Shaver, a Texas-born proponent of the outlaw country music genre. Perhaps best known for his classic 1973 album "Old Five and Dimers Like Me," Shaver was first exposed to country music at the nightclub where his mother worked. In 2007, he was arrested after shooting a man in the face outside a tavern, but later was acquitted as he acted in self-defense.
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    The Walking Dead

    AMC, 10:00PM ET >> Description

    Few members of the "Walking Dead" creative team have contributed as much to the show's vision and identity as Greg Nicotero, one of the executive producers who also has directed several episodes. He's wearing a different hat -- special effects genius -- however, as he hosts this new special, "Walker World," which reveals all the myriad elements that went into creating the iconic creature so central to the stories: the Walkers (don't call them zombies!).
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    Super 8

    FXM, 4:30PM ET >> Description

    In 1979 Ohio, several youngsters (Elle Fanning, Joel Courtney, Gabriel Basso) are making a zombie movie with a Super-8 camera. In the midst of filming, the friends witness a horrifying train derailment and are lucky to escape with their lives. They soon discover that the catastrophe was no accident, as a series of unexplained events and disappearances soon follows. Deputy Jackson Lamb (Kyle Chandler), the father of one of the kids, searches for the terrifying truth behind the crash.
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    Angels & Demons

    ENCRCL, 5:41PM ET >> Description

    When Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon discovers the resurgence of an ancient brotherhood known as the Illuminati, he flies to Rome to warn the Vatican, the Illuminatis most hated enemy. Joining forces with beautiful Italian scientist Vittoria Vetra (Ayelet Zurer), Langdon follows a centuries-old trail of ancient symbols in the hope of preventing the Illuminatis deadly plot against the Roman Catholic Church from coming to fruition.
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    Office Space

    IFC, 7:00PM ET >> Description

    Corporate drone Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) hates his soul-killing job at software company Initech. While undergoing hypnotherapy, Peter is left in a blissful state when his therapist dies in the middle of their session. He refuses to work overtime, plays games at his desk and unintentionally charms two consultants into putting him on the management fast-track. When Peters friends learn theyre about to be downsized, they hatch a revenge plot against the company inspired by "Superman III."
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    E!, 7:00PM ET >> Description

    Charlotte (Jennifer Lopez) is smitten when she meets Dr. Kevin Fields (Michael Vartan). So when Kevin pops the question after they start dating, Charlotte happily accepts. But she soon realizes that Kevins mom, Viola (Jane Fonda), is not quite thrilled to have a new family member. Viola, a newscaster, has just lost her job and is feeling rather attached to Kevin, so she regards Charlotte as her new competition -- and will apparently do anything to make her son call off the wedding.
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    Pitch Perfect

    VH1, 8:00PM ET >> Description

    College student Beca (Anna Kendrick) knows she does not want to be part of a clique, but thats exactly where she finds herself after arriving at her new school. Thrust in among mean gals, nice gals and just plain weird gals, Beca finds that the only thing they have in common is how well they sing together. She takes the women of the group out of their comfort zone of traditional arrangements and into a world of amazing harmonic combinations in a fight to the top of college music competitions.
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    Step Brothers

    STZC, 8:41PM ET >> Description

    Brennan Huff (Will Ferrell) and Dale Doback (John C. Reilly) have one thing in common: they are both lazy, unemployed leeches who still live with their parents. When Brennans mother and Dales father marry and move in together, it turns the overgrown boys world upside down. Their insane rivalry and narcissism pull the new family apart, forcing them to work together to reunite their parents.
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    The Perfect Storm

    HDNETMV, 9:40PM ET >> Description

    Based on a true story, the film tells of the courageous men and women who risk their lives every working day, pitting their fishing boats and rescue vessels against the capricious forces of nature. Their worst fears are realized at sea on Halloween of 1991, when they are confronted by three raging weather fronts which unexpectedly collide to produce the greatest, fiercest storm in modern history -- "The Perfect Storm."
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    5:00-P NBCSN XFINITY Series: Kansas Lottery 300, Final Practice
    6:00-P NBCSN Monster Energy Cup Series: Hollywood Casino 400, Qualifying
    11:00-P NBCSN United States Grand Prix, Practice
    8:00-P FS1 New York Yankees at Houston Astros
    8:00-P ESPN Cleveland Cavaliers at Milwaukee Bucks
    10:30-P ESPN Golden State Warriors at New Orleans Pelicans
    8:00-P ESPN2 Marshall at Middle Tennessee State
    7:30-P NBCSN Princeton at Harvard
    12:15-A (10/21) ESPN2 Colorado State at New Mexico
    6:00-A GOLF Andalucia Valderrama Masters, Second Round
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