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    Tangled: The Series

    DISNEY, 7:30PM ET >> Description

    Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi reprise their roles as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Disney's hit 2010 computer-animated movie comedy in this new series adaptation, which follows their characters, along with several other new ones. In the first episode, Rapunzel and Cassandra (voice of Eden Espinoza), her tough-as-nails handmaiden, go to a wizard's cottage to learn what has happened to Rapunzel's hair. The voice ensemble also includes Julie Bowen, Clancy Brown, Paul F. Tompkins, Sean Hayes and Jeffrey Tambor.
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    FOX, 8:00PM ET >> Description

    When a criminal lures Rosewood (Morris Chestnut) to the murder scene of a former tech millionaire, he forces Rosie to re-examine a case from his past, possibly discovering a new result in the process, in "Clavicle, Trauma & Closure." Sam Huntington, Eric Winter and LaToya Luckett guest star; Jaina Lee Ortiz, Lorraine Toussaint and Eddie Cibrian also star.
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    The Originals

    CW, 8:00PM ET >> Description

    After they are cured and awakened, the Mikaelson siblings and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) set out to rescue Klaus (Joseph Morgan), an endeavor that likely will face deadly opposition from Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), in the new episode "No Quarter." Meanwhile, the effects of the Tunde Blade start to manifest themselves, causing Klaus' darkest demons to materialize, and Vincent (Yusef Gatewood) investigates a haunting more sinister than he could imagine. Daniel Gillies also stars.
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    NBC, 8:00PM ET >> Description

    The dark prophecy appears to be nearing fulfillment when a sinister force arrives in Portland with its eyes set on Diana (Hannah R. Loyd) in the new episode "Zerstorrer Shrugged." Trying to protect her, Nick (David Giuntoli), along with Captain Renard and Adalind (Sasha Roiz, Claire Coffee), returns to the scene of his first investigation as a Grimm. Meanwhile, Monroe, Eve and Rosalee (Silas Weir Mitchell, Bitsie Tulloch, Bree Turner) make a discovery that uncovers the origins of the mysterious stick.
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    CW, 9:00PM ET >> Description

    As Mary (Adelaide Kane) confronts potential political consequences to a marriage with Lord Darnley (Will Kemp), King Charles (Spencer MacPherson) vanishes, leaving Catherine to deal with the aftermath, in the new "Love & Death." Elsewhere, Claude (Rose Williams) is presented with an interesting proposition, while Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) comes to the aid of Gideon (Ben Geurens). Craig Parker and Dan Jeannotte also star.
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    Shark Tank

    ABC, 9:00PM ET >> Description

    Who doesn't love puppies? Viewers find out if the Sharks do in this episode, since a San Francisco couple uses canines in their pitch for products designed for the animals' use. A Boston woman advocates the use of algae as a nutritional health supplement. Las Vegas friends present the clothes they designed themselves to suit -- literally -- their athletic physiques. Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, Daymond John, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec are the Sharks here.
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    Sleepy Hollow

    FOX, 9:01PM ET >> Description

    Former series regular John Noble returns in a guest appearance as Henry Parrish, Ichabod's (Tom Mison) son (don't ask, it's really complicated) in the new episode "Tomorrow," wherein the team learns more about Lara (guest star Seychelle Gabriel) and gets a harrowing glimpse into the horrific dystopian world that will come to pass if Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies) rises to power. Only these heroes stand in the way of the insane billionaire, but they may be too late. Janina Gavankar and Lyndie Greenwood also star.
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    Training Day

    IFC, 4:15PM ET >> Description

    Police drama about a veteran officer who escorts a rookie on his first day with the LAPD's tough inner-city narcotics unit. "Training Day" is a blistering action drama that asks the audience to decide what is necessary, what is heroic and what crosses the line in the harrowing gray zone of fighting urban crime. Does law-abiding law enforcement come at the expense of justice and public safety? If so, do we demand safe streets at any cost?
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    Pitch Perfect

    VH1, 4:30PM ET >> Description

    College student Beca (Anna Kendrick) knows she does not want to be part of a clique, but that's exactly where she finds herself after arriving at her new school. Thrust in among mean gals, nice gals and just plain weird gals, Beca finds that the only thing they have in common is how well they sing together. She takes the women of the group out of their comfort zone of traditional arrangements and into a world of amazing harmonic combinations in a fight to the top of college music competitions.
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    The Godfather

    AMC, 6:00PM ET >> Description

    Widely regarded as one of the greatest films of all time, this mob drama, based on Mario Puzo's novel of the same name, focuses on the powerful Italian-American crime family of Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando). When the don's youngest son, Michael (Al Pacino), reluctantly joins the Mafia, he becomes involved in the inevitable cycle of violence and betrayal. Although Michael tries to maintain a normal relationship with his wife, Kay (Diane Keaton), he is drawn deeper into the family business.
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    TNT, 7:00PM ET >> Description

    As the son of Odin (Anthony Hopkins), king of the Norse gods, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) will soon inherit the throne of Asgard from his aging father. However, on the day that he is to be crowned, Thor reacts with brutality when the gods' enemies, the Frost Giants, enter the palace in violation of their treaty. As punishment, Odin banishes Thor to Earth. While Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Thor's brother, plots mischief in Asgard, Thor, now stripped of his powers, faces his greatest threat.
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    The Book of Life

    FX, 7:00PM ET >> Description

    In the Mexican town of San Angel, Manolo (Diego Luna), Maria (Zo&195;&171; Saldana) and Joaquin (Channing Tatum) have been friends ever since childhood. Although their lives have taken different paths -- Maria was sent to Europe, Joaquin joined the military, and Manolo studied to become a bullfighter -- one thing remains the same: Manolo and Joaquin both want to marry Maria. Little does the trio know that battling husband-and-wife deities have made a high-stakes wager on the love triangle's outcome.
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    Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying ...

    RETRO, 7:00PM ET >> Description

    A film about what could happen if the wrong person pushed the wrong button -- and it played the situation for laughs. U.S. Air Force General Jack Ripper goes completely insane, and sends his bomber wing to destroy the U.S.S.R. He thinks that the communists are conspiring to pollute the "precious bodily fluids" of the American people.
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    Miss Congeniality

    E!, 8:00PM ET >> Description

    When a terrorist threatens to bomb the Miss United States pageant, the FBI rushes to find a female agent to go undercover as a contestant. Unfortunately, Gracie is the only female FBI agent who can "look the part" despite her complete lack of refinement and femininity. She prides herself in being "just one of the boys" and is horrified at the idea of becoming a girly girl.
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    Delivery Man

    BRAVO, 8:30PM ET >> Description

    Amiable slacker David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn) drives a delivery truck for his family's company and is content with a life of mediocrity. However, when he learns that he is the biological father of more than 500 offspring and many of them are suing to learn his identity, he decides to hold himself accountable for his actions. He finds some of his progeny and becomes involved in their lives; however, when David's girlfriend announces her pregnancy, she keeps her expectations low.
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    Walking Tall

    TNT, 9:30PM ET >> Description

    When decorated military officer Chris Vaughn (The Rock) returns to his hometown in the state of Washington to find work, he finds that the lumber mill has closed, and the town's big business is now a seedy casino operated by one of his old schoolmates, Jay Hamilton (Neal McDonough). Aided by his loyal friend Ray Templeton (Johnny Knoxville), Vaughn tries to make a stand against the area's crime and corruption, but, finding no help from the police, he must take matters into his own hands.
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    Failure to Launch

    CMT, 10:00PM ET >> Description

    A young man (Matthew McConaughey) continues to live at the home of parents who, in desperation to push him out of the nest once and for all, hatch a plan. They hire a beautiful woman (Sarah Jessica Parker) to entice him to assume the mantle of responsibility and get his own place.
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