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    Bates Motel

    A&E, 10:00PM ET >> Description

    After five chilling seasons, this masterfully written and acted prequel to Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" comes to a close with a series finale called "The Cord," doubtless a reference to the dysfunctional bond between Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) and his mother, Norma (Vera Farmiga). A&E is revealing almost nothing about this hour apart from a terse four-word story line: "Norman Bates comes home." Even so, there's a good chance you may sleep a little more fitfully after watching this.
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    CW, 8:00PM ET >> Description

    Though Kara (Melissa Benoist) is meant to be strictly an observer at an event for a big medical announcement by Lena's (Katie McGrath) ex-boyfriend (guest star Rahul Kohli, "iZombie"), that changes quickly in the new episode "Ace Reporter." Snapper's (guest star Ian Gomez) presence prompts Kara to get overly journalistic, and her questioning about the presenter's discovery ultimately leads to a dangerous situation. Chyler Leigh also stars.
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    FOX, 8:00PM ET >> Description

    Riddle me this: The series returns for the home stretch of its third season with the new episode "Heroes Rise: How the Riddler Got His Name." That villainous alias finally is assumed by Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) as he goes off on his own, apart from Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), and causes problems for Bullock and Lucius Fox (Donal Logue, Chris Chalk). Gordon (Ben McKenzie) learns troubling information about his father's fate. James Remar guest stars.
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    Who Do You Think You Are?

    TLC, 8:00PM ET >> Description

    The series closes out another season with an hour focused on Liv Tyler, the actress who gained many new fans via her performance as the brave warrior elf-maiden Arwen in Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy. She may have come to that role very naturally, because as she tries to unravel the complicated maternal line of her musician father, Steven Tyler, she uncovers ancestors who participated in some famous American battles.
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    Jane the Virgin

    CW, 9:00PM ET >> Description

    Though Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is expected to help promote her new book, her hesitancy to discuss her past becomes a problem in the new "Chapter Sixty." Rogelio (Jaime Camil) thinks his younger co-star is out to get him. Rafael (Justin Baldoni) worries when Luisa and her girlfriend (guest stars Yara Nartinez and Elisabeth Rohm) pay him a visit. Petra and Anezka (both played by Yael Grobglas) reconnect over police questioning. Andrea Navedo also stars.
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    FOX, 9:01PM ET >> Description

    The police drama ends its season with "Ricochet," as Gideon (Justin Kirk) deals with a tarnished reputation over terrorist attacks that he and his technology couldn't prevent. He and Captain Conrad (Ernie Hudson) try to stop the assaults as Danny (guest star Ty Olwin) deploys more weaponry against the city's population. Murphy (Natalie Martinez), Ada (Caitlin Stasey) and the other officers try to locate him -- and not everyone may survive.
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    Better Call Saul

    AMC, 10:00PM ET >> Description

    Over the objections of a severely dismayed Kim (Rhea Seehorn), Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) decides to accept the case of a decidedly controversial new client in the new episode "Sunk Costs." Elsewhere, Mike (Jonathan Banks) has a meeting with a powerful new ally who makes him an offer he just may not be able to refuse.
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    Catch Me if You Can

    HBOC, 4:35PM ET >> Description

    Frank Abagnale, Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio) worked as a doctor, a lawyer, and as a co-pilot for a major airline -- all before his 18th birthday. A master of deception, he was also a brilliant forger, whose skill gave him his first real claim to fame: At the age of 17, Frank Abagnale, Jr. became the most successful bank robber in the history of the U.S. FBI Agent Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks) makes it his prime mission to capture Frank and bring him to justice, but Frank is always one step ahead of him.
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    SHOWX, 5:30PM ET >> Description

    Linda Hanson (Sandra Bullock) has an idyllic life, until one day she receives word that her husband (Julian McMahon) has died in an auto accident. However, when Linda wakes up the next morning and finds Jim beside her, she assumes she has just had an unusually vivid dream. Soon she finds out that what she experienced was not a dream, and she must battle time and destiny to save her family.
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    Moulin Rouge

    STZE, 5:50PM ET >> Description

    A celebration of love and creative inspiration takes place in the infamous, gaudy and glamorous Parisian nightclub, at the cusp of the 20th century. A young poet (Ewan McGregor), who is plunged into the heady world of Moulin Rouge, begins a passionate affair with the club's most notorious and beautiful star (Nicole Kidman).
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    STZE, 8:00PM ET >> Description

    "Fargo" is a reality-based crime drama set in Minnesota in 1987. Jerry Lundegaard (William H. Macy) is a car salesman in Minneapolis who has gotten himself into debt and is so desperate for money that he hires two thugs (Steve Buscemi), (Peter Stormare) to kidnap his own wife. Jerry will collect the ransom from her wealthy father (Harve Presnell), paying the thugs a small portion and keeping the rest to satisfy his debts. The scheme collapses when the thugs shoot a state trooper.
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    Meet Joe Black

    STZK, 8:36PM ET >> Description

    Bill Parrish (Anthony Hopkins), businessman and devoted family man, is about to celebrate his 65th birthday. However, before he reaches that landmark, he is visited by Death (Brad Pitt), who has taken human form as Joe Black, a young man who recently died. Joe and Bill make a deal: Bill will be given a few extra days of his life, and Joe will spend the same time getting to know what it's like to be human. It seems like a perfect arrangement, until Joe falls in love -- with Bill's daughter.
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    Slumdog Millionaire

    HBOZ, 9:00PM ET >> Description

    As 18-year-old Jamal Malik (Dev Patel) answers questions on the Indian version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," flashbacks show how he got there. Part of a stable of young thieves after their mother dies, Jamal and his brother, Salim, survive on the streets of Mumbai. Salim finds the life of crime agreeable, but Jamal scrapes by with small jobs until landing a spot on the game show.
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